TMS (Tile Map Service)

TMS (Tile Map Service) is an OSGeo standard for tiled geospatial raster data. A TMS “repository” consists of an XML metadata file (usually named tms.xml) and a hierarchy of individual files, each one representing a single raster tile.

TMS contains pre-tiled data, so it is quite fast to load, especially if tiled in a global-geodetic profile. As a simple file hierarchy, TMS is also web-streamable with nothing more than a simple HTTP server.

TMSImage, TMSElevation

CLASS: TMSImageLayer (inherits from ImageLayer)

CLASS: TMSElevationLayer (inherits from ElevationLayer)

Property Description Type Default
url Location of the metadata file (folder or filename, usually tms.xml) URI


<TMSImage name="ReadyMap 15m Imagery">

<TMSElevation name="ReadyMap 90m Elevation">