Image Layer (common)ΒΆ

An Image Layer is any layer that loads and display tiled imagery on the globe. Image layers are stacked, rendered in order of appearance in the Map. In the earth tile, an Image Layer usually has an Image suffix.

Inherits from: Tile Layer

Property Description Type Default
accept_draping Whether draped overlays should be rendered on this layer bool true
altitude Distance from the ellipsoid at which to offset the rendering of this image layer float 0
mag_filter Mip-mapping magnification filter
(see osg::Texture::FilterModefor options)
string LINEAR
min_filter Mip-mapping minification filter
(see osg::Texture::FilterMode for options)
nodata_image Location of an Image that represent "no data" for a tile. URL none
shared Whether to allocate a dedicated texture image unit for this layer so that its data may be shared with other layers' shader code bool false
shared_matrix When shared is true, name of the texture matrix uniform that applies to the shared texture for this layer string (auto generated)
shared_sampler When shared is true, name of the sampler uniform that references the shared texture for this layer string (auto generated)
texture_compression Controls whether and how to compress textures for the GPU.
auto : automatically select a compression method
gpu : use hardware compression if available
cpu : use CPU compression if available
none : do not compress textures
string none