Mapbox GL

Rasterizes a Mapbox GL style into an image layer. Most of the core Mapbox GL spec is implemented and most of the styles we have tried look pretty good, but some functionality will inevitably as this is a from scratch implementation of the spec.

You will need to build osgEarth with Blend2D rasterization support for the Mapbox GL layer to render properly.

We have used styles from Maputnik as well as vector tile styles from ArcGIS online.


CLASS: MapBoxGLImageLayer (inherits from: ImageLayer)

Property Description Type Default
url Path to the Mapbox GL style. URI
key Security token for access authentication if the server requires it. string
disable_text Disables text rendering for this layer bool false
pixel_scale Overall scaling factor for icons and text float 1.0


<MapBoxGLImage name="ESRI Base">