The XYZ plugin is useful for reading web map tile repositories with a standard X/Y/LOD setup but that don’t explicitly report any metadata. Many of the popular web mapping services (like MapQuest) fall into this category. You need to provide osgEarth with a profile when using this driver.

Example usage:

<image name="mapquest_open_aerial" driver="xyz">

Creating the URL template:

The square brackets [] indicate that osgEarth should “cycle through” the characters within, resulting in round-robin server requests. Some services require this.

The curly braces {} are templates into which osgEarth will insert the proper x, y, and z values for the tile it’s requesting.


url:Location of the tile repository (URL template – see above)
profile:Spatial profile of the repository
invert_y:Set to true to invert the Y axis for tile indexing
format:If the format is not part of the URL itself, you can specify it here.

Also see: and samples in the repo tests folder.