VPB (VirtualPlanerBuilder)

VirtualPlanerBuilder (VPB) is an OSG application for generating paged terrain models. This plugin will attempt to “scrape” the image and elevation grid tiles from a VPB model and provide that data to the osgEarth engine for rendering.

Note: We only provide this driver as a stopgap solution for those who have legacy VPB models but no longer have access to the source data. Configuring this driver can be tricky since the VPB model format does not convey all the parameters that were used when the model was built!

Example usage:

<image driver="vpb">


url:Root file of the VPB model
 As set when VPB was run; see the VPB docs
 As set when VPB was run; see the VPB docs
 Default is nested; options are nested, flat and task