This plugin reads vector data from any of the formats supported by the OGR Simple Feature Library (which is quite a lot). Most common among these includes ESRI Shapefiles, GML, and PostGIS.

Example usage:

<model driver="feature_geom">
    <features driver="ogr">


url:Location from which to load feature data
connection:If the feature data is in a database, use this to specify the DB connection string instead of using the url.
geometry:Specify inline geometry in `OGC WKT format`_ instead of using url or connection.
geometry_url:Same as geometry except that the WKT string is in a file.
ogr_driver:``OGR driver``_ to use. (default = “ESRI Shapefile”)
 Set to true to build a spatial index for the feature data, which will dramatically speed up access for larger datasets.
layer:Some datasets require an addition layer identifier for sub-datasets; Set that here (integer).

Special Note on PostGIS usage:

PostGIS uses a connection string instead of a url to make its database connection. It is common to include a tables reference such as table=something. In this driver, however, that can lead to problems; instead specify your table in the layer property. For example:

<features driver="ogr">
    <connection>PG:dbname=mydb host= ...</connection>