SilverLining Sky

Sky model that uses the SilverLining SDK from SunDog Software.

SilverLining SDK requires a valid license code. Without a username and license code, the SDK will run in “demo mode” and will display a dialog box every five minutes.

Example usage:

        <sky driver = "silverlining"
             hours               = "0.0"
             ambient             = "0.05"
             user                = "myname"
             license_code        = "mycode"
             clouds              = "false"
             clouds_max_altitude = "0.0 />


user:User name the SilverLining SDK license
license_code:License code the SilverLining SDK
clouds:Whether to render a local clouds layer
 Maximumum camera altitude at which to start rendering the clouds layer

Common Properties:

hours:Time of day; UTC hours [0..24]
ambient:Minimum ambient lighting level [0..1] to apply to dark areas of the terrain