osgEarth Layers

These are the public layer types native to osgEarth.


Earth File API class Description
ArcGISServerImage ArcGISServerImageLayer Connects to an ESRI ArcGIS Server instance
ArcGISTilePackageImage ArcGISTilePackageImageLayer Reads an ESRI ArcGIS Tile Package
BingImage BingImageLayer Connects to Microsoft Bing service. License key required
CesiumIonImage CesiumIonImageLayer Connects to a Cesium Ion server instance. Key required
CompositeImage CompositeImageLayer Combines multiple image layers into a single map layer
ContourMap ContourMapLayer Renders a colored representation of the elevation data in the map
GDALImage GDALImageLayer Loads any imagery format supported by the GDAL library, including GeoTIFF
GDALDEM GDALDEMLayer Renders various rasterized shaded elevation maps
MBTilesImage MBTilesImageLayer Reads imagery tiles from an MBTiles (MapBox Tiles) database file
TMSImage TMSImageLayer Connects to a TMS (TileMapService) data source
WMSImage WMSImageLayer Connects to an OGC Web Map Service server
XYZImage XYZImageLayer Reads imagery tiles in standard XYZ format (no metadata)

Terrain Elevation

Earth File API Class Description
FlattenedElevation FlatteningLayer Alters elevation data to flatten it to a specific elevation value; useful for flattening a region where you intend to place a site model
BingElevation BingElevationLayer Connects to Microsoft Bing elevation service. License key required
CompositeElevation CompositeElevationLayer Combines multiple elevation layers into a single map layer
GDALElevation GDALElevationLayer Loads any elevation format supported by the GDAL library, including GeoTIFF
MBTilesElevation MBTilesElevationLayer Reads elevation data stored in an MBTiles (MapBox Tiles) database file
TMSElevation TMSElevationLayer Connects to an OSGeo Tile Map Service data source (locally or networked)
XYZElevation XYZElevationLayer Reads elevation tiles in standard XYZ format (no metadata)

Vector Features

Earth File API Class Description
FeatureImage FeatureImageLayer Rasterizes vector data into an image layer
FeatureModel FeatureModelLayer Renders vector data as OpenSceneGraph geometry
TiledFeatureModel TiledFeatureModelLayer Like a FeatureModel layer, but optimized for pre-tiled vector datasets


Earth File API Class Description
Annotations AnnotationLayer Holds a collection of annotation elements (like text labels, place nodes, or features)
Debug DebugImageLayer Renders metadata about each rendered map tile
GeodeticGraticule GeodeticGraticuleLayer Display a simple latitude/longitude graticule
MGRSGraticule MGRSGraticuleLayer Displays a simple MGRS graticule with labels
Model ModelLayer Loads and displays an external 3D model at a map location
Ocean SimpleOceanLayer Renders a very simple ocean surface (requires the map to have bathymetry data)
Sky SimpleSkyLayer Renders a sky model with realistic lighting and shading
TerrainConstraint TerrainConstraintLayer Alters the triangulation of the terrain skin to incorporate vector data; e.g., to represent ridgelines, coastlines, or to cut out an area where a custom terrain model will go
ThreeDTiles ThreeDTilesLayer Displays a 3D-Tiles dataset
UTMGraticule UTMGraticuleLayer Displays a simple UTM graticule
Video VideoLayer Renders various video formats to a layer (using FFMPEG)
Viewpoints ViewpointsLayer Pre-set viewpoints that a viewer application can display for the user
Wind WindLayer Incorporates a wind model (needs other layers that can use the data)

Feature Sources

Earth File API Class Description
MVTFeatures MVTFeatureSource Mapnik Vector Tiles specification
OGRFeatures OGRFeatureSource Uses a GDAL/OGR vector driver to read feature data. This is the most common feature source for reading local data (e.g., ESRI Shapefile)
TFSFeatures TFSFeatureSource Reads vector features from a server according to the Tiled Feature Service specification (osgEarth proprietary)
WFSFeatures WFSFeatureSource OGC Web Feature Service specification (limited implementation)
XYZFeatures XZYFeatureSource Generic specification for reading tiled vector data from a server